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Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Our bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home. It is our retreat, where we relax and recharge. Being one of the focal points of our homes, many of us strive to create the ‘perfect’ bedroom. But when it comes to designing our bedrooms, it can be hard to know where to start. What do you need, what should you think of, are you forgetting anything, what is considered “the best” bedroom set up anyways?

There is no exact formula for the best bedroom when designing the perfect bedroom because each space, personality, and lifestyle is different, and you have to do your best with what you can do. When living in a rental property, it may seem like it isn’t much you can do if you are limited by not being able to paint or change too much. You can turn any space into the perfect bedroom with a few key tips, no matter your bedroom situation.

Colors & Textures

When it comes to the overall aesthetic design of your bedroom, you want to consider your colors and textures first. If you are planning to paint, make sure you choose your colors carefully and consider the color scheme of one of the next major features in the room, like your bedding or rug.

You want to go with colors that complement each other without being overbearing. If you already have a common color throughout the room, you might want to choose one that compliments the things you already have. You want to go with colors that are the more neutral, darker, or lighter tones than the colors you will be working with; this compliments your bright colors without using the same ones and being too much.

For textures, you want to be mindful that you are adding the right ones, but you want to avoid having too many. Textures include things like your rug, pillows, blankets, and patterns. These are all things that have and create their texture, and you want to make sure you choose the same or complementary and not add too many.

If you aren’t painting, having white walls in your bedroom is a great way to trick the eye into feeling like the space is bigger than it is. If you have a smaller space, it might be better to go with white to make the space feel larger, whereas, in a small room, the wrong or too many colors can make the space feel cramped.

Having the right Frame in Mind

The next thing you want to consider is your bed frame. If you will be getting a new bed frame, it is essential to think about the space and what you need when choosing one. One thing you can never have enough of in a bedroom is storage space.

So if you are low on available closet space or don’t have room for dressers, then this could be a great solution for you.

Pick the Best Nightstand

Having the right bedside table makes all the difference. Not only is it going to be a great accent of style in your room, but it is one piece of furniture that we all need, no matter what kind of space you are working with.

When picking the perfect nightstand, you want to consider the overall style and tone of your room. You want to pick something that goes with the theme, looks good, and holds whatever you need.

Less Is More

When it comes to the perfect bedroom, one thing you don’t want to do is overthink or overcrowd it. The bedroom is the perfect room to use minimalism. The less furniture, accessories, and clutter you have lying around your room, the better.

With the way things are today, our bedrooms are starting to turn into the space where we spend the most time and maybe even get the most work done, so that may not always be an option. If you do have to have things like a desk, electronics, and your collectibles in your room, you can still use the less is more approach. Display things like trinkets and collections on floating shelves rather than taking up surface space on your dresser, desk, and side tables.

Room Dividers

If you have to have an office space in your bedroom, it is not only a useful design trick that both helps cut the visual clutter but also the mental clutter. A room divider is a helpful trick to help you focus by eliminating other distractions in your room while working on your desk without getting distracted with laundry, tv, and bed.

Room dividers are a great design tool that you can utilize when designing your room. Often used to create a separate space in a room, these come in handy when you have no choice but to have your office in your bedroom.

Choosing the right room divider helps create a separate space and hide the clutter of your “office.” They are also a great aesthetic feature that you can use to complement or control the room’s theme.

Accents and Furnishing

If you are going to be accessorizing and furnishing your bedroom, you want to make sure you do it thoughtfully. Consider what you need, what the room has already, and work off of that.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with or are limited in what you can do when it comes to painting and wall hangings, there are still many ways you can accessorize some personality into the room.

The right accessories can be the answer when it comes to storage problems. If you need a bit more storage space, pieces of furniture like trunks, ottomans, or even the right baskets not only look great but add just the right amount of space for those things like extra blankets or things you want to keep in your room but not necessarily in everyday view.

Designing the perfect bedroom to your taste is easy to do in any space; you just need to keep in mind what you are working with, what you need out of the room, and how best to inject your personal flair into it.

You want to keep your bedroom a retreat and not overthink what goes into it. Be mindful of what you need, your colors, the theme, and how you want to feel when you look at your room and start designing.

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