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Year-round Cycling in Winnipeg: Tips and Trails

Year-round cycling in Winnipeg has evolved from a niche activity to an accessible mode of transportation, thanks to advances in technology, growing environmental consciousness, and an expanding network of cycling infrastructure. Here are some tips and trail recommendations to help you navigate the city on two wheels throughout the seasons.

Spring and Summer Cycling Tips:

Gear Shift: Transitioning from winter means preparing your bike for warmer weather. A tune-up is essential to check your bike’s condition after the cold months. This might include adjusting the brakes, checking tire pressure, and lubricating the chain. Lighter gear and summer tires will enhance your ride’s efficiency and comfort.

Dress for Success: With the temperature rising, opt for breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep cool. Despite longer days, maintaining visibility with reflective clothing and lights is crucial for those dusk or dawn rides.

Ride with Confidence: The thaw brings different challenges, such as wet roads and potential debris. Practice cautious riding, especially on slippery surfaces or through puddles, and maintain a steady pace to navigate safely around obstacles.

Connect and Explore: Winnipeg’s vibrant cycling community comes alive in the spring and summer. Engaging with groups like Bike Winnipeg can keep you updated on the best routes, group rides, and cycling events. Embrace the city’s extensive trail network, from scenic river paths to bustling urban routes, to experience the joy of cycling in the warmer months.

Trails and Routes for Year-Round Cycling

Assiniboine Park’s Terry Fox Fitness Trail: Featuring modern outdoor fitness equipment, it’s a great place for a scenic ride​.

The Forks: With numerous murals, sculptures, and installations, The Forks offers an artistic backdrop for cyclists.

River Trails: During winter, the frozen Assiniboine and Red Rivers transform into groomed ice trails, providing a unique urban skating and cycling experience​​.

Active Transportation Routes: The city boasts several designated paths like the Southwest Transitway bike path, which offer safe and direct routes for cyclists.

Useful Places: Bike Service Downtown

Woodcock Cycle Works – Known as Manitoba’s biggest bike shop, Woodcock Cycle Works has been serving the area since 1987. They offer a full range of bike and ski repair services, alongside a state-of-the-art Retul Bike Fit Studio. They are also home to The Yellow Derny Cafe, a unique feature for a bike shop​
(7 min drive)

Olympia Cycle & Ski – This shop provides comprehensive bike service and repair, boasting over 40 years of experience. They offer several tune-up packages, from basic adjustments to complete overhauls, ensuring your bike is road-ready for any season​
(6 min drive)

The WRENCH – As a community bike shop and social enterprise, The WRENCH offers a variety of repair services, used parts, and accessories. They also host educational workshops for those interested in learning more about bike maintenance
(3 min drive, 14 min walk)

Despite the challenges posed by snow and cold, the cycling community in Winnipeg remains active year-round. The growth in winter cycling reflects a broader shift towards more sustainable and active modes of transportation, supported by improvements in infrastructure and community resources. As Winnipeg continues to enhance its cycling network, residents and visitors alike can look forward to more accessible and enjoyable cycling experiences, no matter the season.

For anyone interested in cycling in Winnipeg, whether for commuting, fitness, or leisure, the key to a pleasant ride is proper preparation and knowledge of the best routes the city has to offer. Happy cycling!