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Space Ideas for Small Gardens

Gardening in a small space may seem challenging, especially if you have little to no yard or live a high-rise life and have to use your balcony. But don’t give up on growing just yet! This article is filled with outdoors space ideas for small gardens to be in full bloom in no time!

I have to make do with gardening off my balcony, thinking once I gave up having a yard and garden, I would have to put the trowel away for good, but it turns out there are lots of fun and innovative ways to get a beautiful garden in any space!


One of the many challenges of having a smaller outdoor area to garden with is you might have lots of space and are not sure how to use it. If you don’t have a yard and are working off a balcony like many urban gardeners, you will need to get creative. The type of planters you get makes all the difference in your working space.

Railing Planters

One of the best solutions for a balcony garden is to use the railing! When it comes to balconies or fenced-in yards, railing boxes are a great option. Not only does it give you a few more feet of planting space than you already thought you had, but it also looks great and provides some shade and privacy from your neighbors.

You can plant just about anything in a railing planter box, herbs, vegetables, vines, or flowers; most plants will do great in this type of planter, especially under the direction of your green thumb.

Hanging Planters

Another great small space solution for your plating needs is hanging baskets and plants. Many plants already come with a hanger; if they don’t, most of them could thrive in them! Hanging baskets are a great way of utilizing the space above and around you, especially if you have to have most of your plants on a balcony or inside. Hanging plants look great and do great.

Upside Down Plants

Did you know there are a wide variety of plants you can grow upside down? This has been a trending method for small gardens. Many plants will do great upside down, and you can even get tomatoes, strawberries, and other plants that are already meant to grow that way.

Vertical Gardens

A vertical garden is a terrific alternative if you are low on railing or spaces to hang. These are great because you can customize them to your space and your plants. Many plants grow up rather than spreading out and would do very climbing a pallet, lattice, or even railing.

Indoor Greenhouse

If you don’t have any space to work outside, one of the best options is to have an indoor greenhouse instead! You can customize these to your space or even order them online for less than $100.

Indoor greenhouses are controlled spaces to let you grow a wide variety of plants. These are already a popular choice for moving plants from outside to inside for the winter and are great for year-round growing.

Container Gardening

Now this one may seem like a no-brainer, but something you can do no matter the space you have to work with is container gardening. You don’t have to need to do a lot of digging, hanging, and stressing about how to grow plants.

One of the best ways to fill any space with plants is to grow them individually rather than in a garden. You can get creative and use anything from containers to old shoes to plant in; this way, you are filling your space with what it can thrive with.

Lighting & Watering

Regarding gardening, it is important to keep the lighting of the space inside and outside. You want to pick plants that are good for your light situation. If you are in an indoor space or your balcony doesn’t get direct full sun, then you want to make sure you choose mid to low-light plants. If you want to grow things that require more natural light than your situation offers, there are many ways to give your plants what they need so they thrive in any environment.

You can get “grow bulbs” from even the dollar store to give them the UV specifications they need. Another great solution is if you already have a UV lamp (or SAD lamp); these work great for giving your plants that extra boost of sunshine they need.

You also want to make sure that you are watering them enough and not too much. One of the best things about planting in containers and plastic planters is using things like irrigation systems, self-watering blubs, or even extra clean glass bottles to water your plants in a controlled way.

This allows you to fill it with water, put it in the corner of your planter, and not worry about whether they are being watered enough or too much.

No matter how small or where your space is, there are always plenty of ways to have a happy, healthy garden. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of your space this summer. Happy growing Winnipeg!

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