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Valentines Day in Downtown Winnipeg, 300 Main Winnipeg Apartments
by author, Reanna Khan

Valentine’s Day in Winnipeg’s Heart

With Valentine’s day around the corner, it never hurts to plan a little something special for your darling. The typical breakfast in bed, dozen red roses and heart-shaped box of chocolates are all fine and dandy, but we can do better. This year, pump up the creativity, explore Winnipeg’s downtown and surrounding areas, and leave your partner speechless!

1. After Hours: Wild Romance

The Manitoba Museum isn’t the first place that comes to mind when I think romance, but throw in some sensual Argentinian tango, a signature drink, and seriously wild activities, and voilà: a modern-day Valentine’s celebration! Over the course of the evening, enjoy scavenger’s hunts, beer tastings with Little Brown Jug, and pop-up talks. But these aren’t your average panel discussions; the talk themes are “all things horn-y” and “plants just wanna have sex.” (Get your mind out of the gutter—the talks are about wildlife, not humans!)

This wild night is perfect for friends, couples, and singles looking for a new spin on a beloved night. It’ll be a night of unexpected fun, romance, and good bites with delicious drinks. The best part? It’s a short walk away from 300 Main!

2. Winnipeg’s ultimate sports night

Looking for the ultimate Winnipeg experience? What is more Winnipeg than grabbing a beer or wine and great seats to a live hockey game? On cupids chosen day, you can score yourself tickets to the Winnipeg Jets vs Colorado Avalanche. If your partner is the ultimate Jets fan, give them a gift they’ll truly cherish by spending a memorable night screaming “GO JETS GO!” For some pre-game fun, think outside of the box: present your sweetie with Jets gear, stick-on tattoos and tickets to that night’s game. On your walk to BellMTS Place, surprise your date with dinner at Carbone Cafe Club (who’s up for recreating Lady and The Tramp’s pasta kiss?), or grab some apps at Moxie’s. Winnipeg’s downtown is filled with restaurants to suit everyone’s palate.

Check out some recommendations on where to stop for a nightcap after a Jets game!

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3. The Classic Valentine’s day: Dinner & a Movie at the Met

Is your partner the ultimate romantic that loves to be swept off their feet? The original 1942 black and white version of Casablanca will be showing at the Metropolitan Entertainment Center. One of Winnipeg’s national historic sites, originally built in 1919, the Met opened as a grand theatre to entertain the masses during cinema’s height of film. The Met now boasts a 35-foot screen—so any seat in the house is a good one—and elegant furnishings. This is not your average movie date: pre-movie, you’ll be wined and dined with the Mets’ signature buffet; during the movie, you’ll enjoy hot-off-the-press buttery popcorn. Does your average Netflix and chill session come with an intermission to delight your senses with coffee and dessert? I don’t think so. Create your own “We’ll always have Paris” moment and get carried away on all the romance in the air.

4. A little winter amour

Living in Winnipeg, we’re lucky enough to have to picturesque winter backdrop that emanates that cozy, idealistic fairy-tale feeling. Valentine’s Day is smack-dab in the middle of the best part of our winters, so some of the best outdoor activities are available—including ice skating at The Forks. The Red River Mutual Trail currently holds the Guinness record for the longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world.

Share a piece of Winnipeg’s history with your special someone and capture the moment with The Forks’ many selfie-worthy spots. Picture yourself holding your date’s hand while floating down the trail under the stars, enjoying the warming huts brought to Winnipeg by architects from all over the world, hanging out under the magical lit walkway, and gliding across the historic rail bridge.

A little history + some fresh air + Winnipeg’s beloved pass time = authentic Winnipeg romance. Don’t end your evening on the trail: head over to The Forks Market for some food and a drink to wrap up the evening.

5. Sweet Tooth delight

If your date has a serious sweet tooth, why not gift them with a personalized tour of Winnipeg’s sweet spots? You don’t have to venture far to satisfy their every craving! Let’s start our delightful date at Chocolatier Constance Popp with some chocolate marshmallow puffs. This no ordinary chocolate shop: Constance Popp displays each piece of decadent chocolate with beautiful artistry and creativity. Next, head over to Chocoberry Dessert House for something savoury; my recommendation is the Salted Caramel S’mores Dip.

Chocolatier Constance Popp, Valentine Day, 300 Main Winnipeg Apartments, Downtown Winnipeg
Shot by author, Reanna Khan

Next up is one of Winnipeg’s coveted gourmet doughnut shops, Oh Doughnuts. Whether you try a classic Boston cream or the Valentine’s specials, each flavour is delightful and activates every taste bud on your tongue. Continue the night at local favourite cake bakery, Baked Expectations. Their cake display will dazzle your eyes, satisfy your cravings—and make you unbutton the top of your jeans. This fun, sugar-filled adventure will take you and your partner to old favourites to create new memories!

Winnipeg’s downtown and surrounding areas will thrill you with new events, undiscovered favourites, and romantic hot spots. Whether you’re looking for a little romance, an intense hockey game, a sweet-tooth adventure or a wild night out, downtown has it all. A little creativity and the right partner or friend are the perfect recipe for your most memorable Valentine’s Day yet! How are you spending this V-Day?