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Why My Apartment is My Happy Place

What My Apartment Means to Me

My apartment is my sanctuary—my little piece of space that’s all my own. Between a career, a social life, community involvement, side projects, and whatever else it throws at you, life can be both exhilarating and debilitating. My apartment is where I can step away from it all and relax. And when I’m recharged and ready to take on the world again, my apartment is right in the middle of where I want to be!

I’ve chosen to live in an apartment almost as long as I’ve lived in Winnipeg. It fits my lifestyleI get to come home to a secured, maintained property (two fewer things I have to worry about!), which means I have more time to spend hanging out with friends, trying out new recipes, or just bumming around in my pyjamas. After living downtown for a few years and then (foolishly) thinking a place at the edge of the city would be nice, I was only too happy to move back into the center of everything.

Without A Doubt, I’ll Keep Choosing Apartment Living

Why I Want to Live Downtown

Downtown has everything I’m looking for in a location, with a huge variety of businesses and services within easy walking distance. I’m elated to be in the middle of the city with so many fantastic things at my fingertips. Here are my top 5 downtown highlights!

Why I Choose to Live Downtown

1. Fantastic food
Winnipeg has a fantastic food scene and I’ll all about it. From fresh gourmet doughnuts, to chicken and waffles, to stellar Vietnamese, if there is a particular cuisine you’re craving or you’re just looking to grab a good cup of joe, there’s something nearby to fulfil your foodie desires.

2. The vistas
One of my favourite things about my apartment is that it’s in a gorgeous location. To be in the midst of a busy city and surrounded by public parks and beautiful historical buildings is a dream. I love green space, so in the summer there’s nothing better than being able to walk a few blocks and spend the afternoon reading a book in the grass and the sunshine. Plus, there are some breathtaking views! I suggest a good wander around The Exchange for the architectureor timing it so you’re on one of the many bridges overlooking the river at sunset.

Downtown Living with Susan Ainley

3. There is always something going on
Areas like the Exchange DistrictThe Forks and Osborne Village are some of the most popular spots in Winnipeg. Downtown is close to all of them, giving you all kinds of opportunities for adventure. There are always interesting activities to take part in, like swing dancing, weekly markets, and music festivals. I really enjoy that I can just wander over to the unique shops, restaurants and venues that surround Winnipeg’s downtown.

4. It’s easy to be spontaneous
When you’re downtown, music, film, theatre, art, and history are practically at your doorstep. It’s much easier to be spontaneous when going out doesn’t involve a lot of meticulous planning. The fact that I can indulge in some live music or an afternoon at the WAG when I feel like it means I’m much more likely to do so.

Making Downtown Your First Home in Winnipeg

5. Public transportation
As a non-driver, I really appreciate that when I need to get somewhere, there are plenty of transit options. After living on the outskirts of the city for a few years, I know that the difference this makes is immeasurable(Have you ever tried to bus out of Charleswood after 10 pm? It’s nearly impossible.) Since I’m already starting in a central location, wherever I need to go, I’m already halfway there!

Getting Around Winnipeg without a Car (Yes, it’s Possible!)

Why an Apartment is the Right Choice for Me

Like so many people, I’m all about convenience. I’m a busy person so anything that makes my life a little easier is a win. An apartment provides this in 4 ways.

Rent vs Buy: Which is Right For You?

1. All-in-one
My apartment building has everything I need. Fitness and laundry facilities on site means I save the cost of a gym membership fee and don’t need to regularly drag my things down to a laundromat. 

2. Maintenance free
Buildings are a lot of maintenance! I appreciate that the apartment complex has a dedicated caretaker who keeps everything clean and running smoothly. Someone needs to cut the grass, water the flowers and make sure the electricity stays on. I’m glad these things are being taken care of and I’m equally glad I’m not the one who has to do them. 

3. Neighbours
Your apartment building is like its own little community. Whether you’re the kind to stop and chat or not (I’m not) it’s nice other to know other people are close by (read: at a respectful distance).

Won’t You Be My Neighbour?

4. Peace of mind
It’s a huge weight off of my shoulders to know that if something needs to be repaired—whether it’s a broken tap, an appliance on the fritz or something big like the hot water heater or the roof—it will be taken care of. It’s comforting that the doors to the building are secure and that there are security cameras on site. Knowing that I have a safe and functioning place to come back to makes apartment living nearly stressfree. 

My apartment is the perfect combination of comfort and convenience; I can’t imagine a better place to live my life. If you’re looking for a lowstress, highconvenience option that gives you more time to focus on the people and things that you love, I advocate for an apartment. There are a lot of options in all different price ranges, so find something that suits your needs. And I’ll yell it from my perfectly situated rooftopthere’s no better location than downtown!