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Pet-Friendly Winnipeg: A Guide Every Pet Owner Will Love

Winnipeg warmly welcomes pets with open paws with a variety of pet-friendly spaces, accommodations, and services. From parks to hotels and spas that cater to four-legged guests, here’s a guide to some of Winnipeg’s best spots for pets and those who adore them.

Pet-Friendly Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Bonnycastle Dog Park at 260 Assiniboine Avenue

This compact, well-maintained park features artificial turf specifically designed for dogs and is equipped with night lighting and park furniture for comfort. A bottle refill fountain is available during warmer months.
(3 min drive, 13 min walk)

Kil-Cona Park and Maple Grove Park

This park provides an excellent off-leash area where dogs can run freely. Dog owners are reminded to keep their pets under voice control and ensure they clean up after their furry friends to maintain the parks’ cleanliness and safety​.
(20 min drive)

Bourkevale Park

Provides an off-leash area along the riverbank, where pets can enjoy a splash or a leisurely walk with their owners​.
(20 min drive)

Dog Daycare Options

Pawadise Pet Care

On Poplarwood Avenue is known for its comprehensive pet services, from daycare to grooming. They also provide a temperament assessment to ensure each dog is placed in a comfortable group setting
(5 min drive)

Paws Unleashed

Located on Fife Street, offers a well structured playtime and personalized attention, ensuring a safe and fun environment for your pet​
(15 min drive)

Camp Canine Dog Daycare Centre

On Mission Street fills dogs’ lives with structured socialization and a variety of physical and emotional care options, offering a holistic approach to daycare services​
(8 min drive)

Shopping and Dining with Pets

Peavey Mart and Chapters

These are examples of pet-friendly stores in Winnipeg, allowing shoppers to browse with their leashed dogs by their side​.
(12 min drive)

Winnipeg also offers a selection of pet-friendly patios at establishments such as The Ruby West, Saffron’s Restaurant, and Leopold’s Tavern, where pets and their owners can dine together​.

Accommodations for Pet Owners

The Fairmont Winnipeg

Not only welcomes pets but is also actively involved in supporting the Winnipeg Humane Society, hosting pet-centric events throughout the year​.
(3 min drive)

Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel

Offers a welcoming experience for pet owners, with special treats for pets upon check-in and an additional charge for their stay​.
(3 min drive)

For those living in Winnipeg, 300 Main is a pet-friendly apartment complex that goes the extra mile to ensure pets are not just allowed but welcomed with open arms. The building offers an array of pet amenities including an interactive pet playground on the 2nd floor, two spa sinks with ramps, stainless steel tables, blow dryers, rubber anti-slip floor mats, and a vacuum for tenants to clean up after their pet’s blow-dry. The lobby even features a welcome board and treats, making every pet feel at home from the moment they walk in.

Winnipeg’s array of pet-friendly services, parks, and accommodations makes it a wonderful city for pets and their owners to explore together. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’ll find plenty of places to enjoy with your furry friend by your side, ensuring they’re as welcome in the city as you are.