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The Ultimate Downtown Winnipeg Plant Shop Walk

One of the best parts about apartment living downtown is that you don’t have to go far to get fresh. Fresh produce, herbs, and plants for your place are all just a short walk away!

Downtown Winnipeg is full of fantastic nurseries, boutiques, shops, and even Farmers’ Markets to fulfill your plant needs. Meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of Downtown to fill your place with flowers! I shopped all the plant shops till I dropped and found the perfect plant shop walk! Plan and know exactly where you’re going to stop with this retail guide to houseplant shopping in Downtown Winnipeg!

These places are great for people like me who must do all or most of their gardening inside and whose thumb is still turning green; you’ll be sure to find lots of easy to keep indoor plants for your apartment paradise. This is an excellent shop-walk because, best and first, the places on this guide are all a short walk from each other, making them a short walk from you – not to mention it makes a lovely afternoon stroll through Downtown.

You will find everything you need, from the perfect plant for your pad and the ideal pots and hangers and tools the tools you need to repot them. Best of all, you will receive great help and advice from all the helpful staff you meet at the stores! The only problem is – you’ll want to carry everything back with you (but hey, where there’s a will, there is a way, especially if you’re prepared, right?)

The Forks Trading Company

You can’t be plant shopping Downtown without stopping in at Winnipeg’s most well-known spot for fresh and local, The Forks! The Forks has been one of Winnipeg’s most notorious spots for local food, hand-crafted products, unique shops, and plants for over 30 years already.

But one shop that stands out in terms of decor and accessories for your houseplants is The Forks Trading Company! Located inside and upstairs, The Forks Trading Company has been a favorite spot for locally made gifts, naturally made products, local art, and much more! With a beautiful and large store that says cozy-and-local sold here from even outside, with many Manitoba-made products, they are one of my favorite places to visit already!

And as far as your apartment-friendly planting needs, they have you covered from seed to sow! With indoor grow kits, gardening toolsets, and a one-of-a-kind selection of beautiful pots, planters, and decor, you will find everything you need for your apartment planting!

Website: https://forkstradingcompany.com/

The Downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market

Winnipeg farmers’ markets are already known for being great local sources of produce, plants, and other local handpicked and made products. But did you know you don’t have to leave Downtown to go to one? You can check them out every Thursday from 10 – 2:30 in True North Square!

Walking up to True North Square from any direction, you can start to see the (socially distanced) crowd and vendors for the Farmers Market. Plenty of fresh, local plants, hand-crafted products, and delicious food. The Farmers Market has a great selection of vendors, all offering various greenery, herbs, vegetables, succulents, houseplants; their plant selection is worth going for!

Website: http://downtownwinnipegbiz.com/event/downtown-farmers-market/

Verde Plant Design

Verde Plant Design is the perfect stop to add to your plant shop.

Walking into Verde Plant Design, you just know you’re going to find your plant match. They have a bright, beautiful space full of thriving plants everywhere you go. With a wide selection from succulents to tropical trees and affordable prices, you will find your forever plants here!

And if you’re not sure what the “perfect fit” might be for your place and lifestyle, their friendly staff is dedicated to helping you pick out the best plant solution for your space! With a vast selection of planters, hangers, grow kits, and so much more, you will find something no matter how green your thumb is (or isn’t yet), and their loyalty program makes it worth coming back!

If you prefer to shop from your comfort zone, their website makes it easy to filter for your conditions such as low light plants, pet-friendly, and beginner-friendly and makes it easy for new plant parents to feel confident in what they are picking out. With delivery in Winnipeg or even pickup options, you can shop this stop from the comfort of your Downtown couch and be repotting them in your place within the next couple of days!

Website: http://verdeplantdesign.com/shop


Located Downtown at 242 Hargrave between the Forks and the Farmers Market is Mottola Grocery! When you first walk in, you are immediately welcomed by gorgeous greenery! Beautiful died floral arrangements, brilliant bouquets, and succulents surround you! With a large open store (not to mention a coffee bar) located just inside True North Square, they are a must-stop shop!

They have a great variety of fresh food and beautiful plants, and floral arrangements. With a large modern store, they have lots to offer, including natural products, home accessories, plenty of plants, gorgeous bouquets, wreaths, house plants, and other unique floral arrangements!

There’s an impressive selection of decorative plant pieces, and their dried bouquets and wreaths make stunning floral accents for any season! They’re a one-stop shop for your live and dried ornamental plant and floral needs.

Mottola also offers delivery throughout Winnipeg, so you can shop their one-of-a-kind selection from your couch! Their easy-to-navigate website has a massive selection with beautiful images of what they have available for their floral arrangements and plants and products for your home.

Website: https://mottolagrocery.com/

Images Credit: All photographs were taken by the author of the article Jessica Bell